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You know what I love most about working in St Albert? Beside all the fabulous people. There is always a location just minutes from a clients home! We shot these within a 5 minute walk from their home. A place that was comfortable and beautiful just outside the front door. St Albert is a beautiful city!

OK… maybe comfortable is pushing it since the mosquitoes were on the hunt that evening. 😉 But other than that the evening and location were perfect!


Families in Fall / St Albert Photographer

It’s beautiful out there! And it is looking like those colors will be around for a little longer. There is still time to squeeze in a fall portrait session.



Fall Portrait Sessions – St Albert Photographer

The fall colors are showing! Don’t wait to book your session. Those beautiful colors don’t stay long and our days are getting shorter!
Basic Family and Couples Sessions start at $500 for session and 10 digital files.

Fall-portrait-sessions for 2016JSP

Black and White Conversions

The art of making a black and white image can be a little more complex than you think. And by complex I don`t mean difficult. There are just many options for getting that beautiful B&W image. Be sure to check out the examples and notice the differences between them.

Back in my student days we shot film. And a black and white image was as simple as loading and exposing a B&W roll of film. But getting your black and white images to look a certain way involved adding colored filters to the camera lens when shooting. For example to get a blue sky dark and dramatic you would shoot with a red filter on your camera lens. This would darken the blues in the image and in turn lighten any reds in the image. And if you wanted to lighten green you would add a green filter. Orange filters would pick up tones in the skin and lighten those tones. Giving a nice kind of porcelain look.
Yes, color plays a major roll in how a black and white is interpreted.


With digital we have the ability to play with our conversions on a more detailed level. You can manipulate your color channels to effect the whole image. You can darken those blues and lighten reds but you can also keep your reds with their original gray tone. This opens up the opportunity to really create an image that looks amazing. Exactly how the photographer envisions it. Not all conversion methods are going to look good on all images. Now we are really able to individualize and create a unique style that fits each image.

Getting the perfect B&W images is just another reason to higher an educated professional to capture and produce your memories.


There are many more details I could get into on this topic but I did want to get confusing with the details and technical terms.

Elopement / St Albert Photographer

I had the honor of photographing an elopement recently. My favorite kind of wedding! Minimal guests, casual and informal. The added bonus…it was out on a farm!


Congratulations Kerbi and Zac! Sorry I couldn’t control the weather and keep that storm at bay for a few more hours. But it did make for a great sky!


Summer Mini Sessions 2016


Summer Mini Sessions are from Mid July to Mid August! We are not date specific for Mini session but we do book a limited amount during the time frame. Open to families, couples, individuals, kids and pets.
Sessions are 30min.
Locations are in St Albert Only
Maximum family size is 6 people.
Includes 8 retouched printable files and 1 11×14 print.
Contact us to booked you session!


Family Portraits / St Albert Photographer

3 dogs, 2 cats and 5 adult kids equals a little bit of crazy and a great anniversary gift for their parents.


Early this spring I got together with my dog groomer Jenna and her siblings for a secret portrait session to surprise her parents.  She wanted to include all of the family pets and was on board for the challenge…and by challenge I mean bringing 2 cats to a unfamiliar outdoor location.  HAHA! Both Jenna’s step brothers endured a few scratches keeping the cats still.  in all honesty the cats did great and we captured some beautiful images.


On a side note is you are looking for a groomer for your small dog give Jenna call.  Her business is Just Four Paws here in St Albert.  She does great work.  My Molly gives her 5 stars.

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Graduation 2016 / St Albert Photographer

Graduation portraits in season right now! And you don’t need to do them on grad day. This session was done a couple of weeks after the actual convocation day. That way we were able to do the session during the the prime time…the golden hour. That beautiful hour and half window before sunset! The perfect time to add a soft and glamorous feel that fits perfect with the beautiful dresses.





You still have time book your grad session. July 29th is the final day to receive our seasonal promo.

Business & Profile Portraits / St Albert Photographer


It’s a great time of year to get outside for those business portraits. An outdoor portrait can be just as professional as an indoor location or studio portrait. Sometimes the outdoor location is perfect for your brand.
You can even bring a more casual look to switch into for those that need a more casual application for their portrait. Like social media or online dating. There are many options for your business and we want to help you chose a look that works for you.


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