Teann , Juno and Meowser / J Shantz Photography Pet Photographer

Wow, on this snowy March day these images have me longing for summer sessions. 

This post can be called Photogs, Their Dogs  & a cat too!  Meet Teann, Juno and Meowser.  Teann is the talented artist behind the camera at Mutt Love Photography.  She is a fellow pet photographer that also resides here in the greater Edmonton area.  Yes, I guess we are competitors but I believe in a community over competition philosophy.  There are many potential clients out there and one can’t manage them all.  Plus she is a fantastic tea date and I enjoy our chats immensely. 

Here is what Teann had to say about her beloved duo.

Juno aka Scruff, June June, Scruffaluffagus is our beloved golden doodle of almost 9 years. She is so gentle and kind and is such a big part of our family. When she is not hoarding socks and mittens, she can be found lounging on our bed for hours.

Meowzer aka Meowzie is our 6 year old cat that acts more like a dog. She entered our lives at a difficult time in our family and her calm spirit continues to bring us comfort. She is attached to my eldest daughter’s hip and I often find them all snuggled together at night. 


Hmmm…if my animals had human jobs…? 

I think Juno would be a nanny.

Meowzer would be a therapist of some sort for sure! 



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