Susie, Nigel & Tia / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Dog Photographer

Meet Susie of Images Studios in Cold Lake, Alberta.  I had the pleasure of visiting Susie in her home back in early June. It was a bit of a drive and they were having a nasty caterpillar infestation up there; but despite the drive and the creepy crawlers outside I had a great time.  Obviously I chose to shoot inside because I am a big baby and would of cried if one of those caterpillars dropped on me.  Seriously, worst nightmare!

Susie photographs a number of genres in the Cold Lake area.  Weddings, newborn, family, boudoir and pets!  She is a kindred spirit with her love for animals.  Each year she runs a major fundraiser for the Lakeland Humane Society and kills it! In an industry filled with fundraisers she does an amazing job year after year bringing awareness, donations, relationships and business success.  She is talented, smart and an amazing business women.

Here is what Susie had to say about her 2 wonderful pups!

“Animals have always been a part of my life but it wasn’t until I was grown and had my own That I understood the potential of the love and bond that could exist between a pet and it’s owner. A few years after I got married we worked out that we wouldn’t be able to have children. Although devastating, my dog at that time still needed attention, love, food and walks. He was there to comfort me. 

My dogs are my family.

Nigel, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I’ve had since he was a baby and Tia, my sweet little Papillon I rescued when she was two. These two monkeys are now nine years old with entirely different personalities. Nigel became an old man when he was about three, he just sits back and takes it easy. Tia on the other hand is a little rocket. She has more energy than all of us combined. 

I’m blessed that I own my own business and my puppers can come to work with me every day. They instantly put smiles on my clients faces when they walk in the studio and see these two furry little love bugs there to greet them. They’re also quite talented putting people at ease which can be tough when a client is nervous about having their portrait taken. I’m grateful to have these guys in my life. 

Question:  If you dog/s had a super power what would it be?
Tia: bionic hearing and she uses her giant ears to fly
Nigel: his big eyes can see into people’s souls and he inserts happy thoughts into their hearts “
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