Still Temporary Closed / St Albert Photographer

Hey there,  It has been a month and we are still closed. From the news coming from our government it is looking like things may start to open mid May.  Let’s hope that is true!  I do look forward to creating some photographs again.

Portrait photography is not a luxury service.  There really is no way around that.  You certainly don’t need a portrait taken for your survival.  Making bold statement such as being able to maintain physical distancing in my studio setting is simply wishful thinking. My studio is home based, it is only 700 sq feet and in that space you have equipment and storage.  To adjust something in the background or a light would put me closer to you than currently recommended.  Sure a person could move and then I could adjust and return to my position allowing you to return to your position.  But let’s be honest, that would be tedious! 

The fact that my studio is in my home bring up a whole other issue.  It’s MY home!  I am not the only one that lives here so I really must consider the safety of my family.  The only people coming and going from your home should be the family that lives with you.  Not clients.  And I like wise should not be going in and out of your home. As stated above, photography is a luxury service.  The only business the should be entering your home is one that is essential.  Like you need heat or water. 

Now I know you might be thinking outside is where  you want you portrait taken.  That should be fine to do!  Sure, outside you can maintain physical distancing.  But then you need to consider that fact that we have been asked to stay home.  To only go out when you really need to.  Having a portrait taken outside is not a  needed service right now.  So doing a portrait outdoor does not set a good example for following the request to stay home.  There is also that fact that many of the park locations where I would shoot a session are in fact closed.  I don’t think any of us really wants a fine for being someplace we shouldn’t be.  Plus it is kind of ugly outside right now with the melting snow, dirt and dried up looking trees.  Let’s home things normalize once the trees have leafed and the grass is green.

I am realizing what is obvious to me is not necessarily obvious to others.  I hope what I have written explains things a little better. And if you still need more reasons as to why I can’t do your portrait right now I have one more.  I have an underlying respiratory condition.  I’d like to get a few more decades under my belt before I am taken from this world.  As someone that has moments in her life where breathing is a struggle you can bet I don’t want to experience COVID 19.

I have found most people very understanding.  There have been a few rude people.  I am going to chalk their behavior up to having crazy emotions during this crazy time.

Take care, stay safe and make good choices!


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