Sarah & Weezy / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Pet Photographer

Sarah is a portrait and wedding photographer in Edmonton.  Her business name is Sarah Mavro Photography. Our Photogs & Their Dogs was our first meeting in person.  I had been following her on social media for a few years as well her dog Weezy.  They are a fabulous duo.  Talented and so funny.   Weezy is an anxious rescue dogs.  I have watched  Weezy open up over time under Sarah’s love and patients.  I love a good rescue story! Weezy  also has her own account on Instagram.  You can give her a follow @weeztheig  You can read below about what Sarah had to say about Weezy.

“Weezy came into our lives in 2010, I saw her adoption listing posted at a rescue in Lacombe, AB. When I contacted the rescue they let me know they she had been adopted that day and I was heartbroken. The next day they contacted me and said the other family had returned her to the shelter because she was ‘too scared’. I immediately drove the 1.5 hours to go get her. She was indeed very skittish and had obviously been abused and neglected in her life before us. The shelter said she was a puppy mill mama. It took several years for Weezy to feel more comfortable in our home, we let her keep her distance as needed for a long time but usually a heated blanket would win her over as long as you stayed still. These days, Weezy is still shy with strangers but she has really settled into her own at home and follows us everywhere. She is spoiled beyond belief with blankets, dog beds, and snacks. She really came out of her shell even more when our son Evan was born, the two of them are inseparable and their story went semi-viral online. If Weezy had a job I think she would love to be a dog bed quality control analyst, really testing those dog beds to see how many hours of use they can handle.”

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