Robert & Murphy / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Pet Photographer

Meet Robert Bray and his dog, Murphy.  Robert has been a professional photographer for a long time.  Like 3 decades!  He is a master of his craft and has a long standing reputation for beautiful classic portraiture. 20 years ago when I was attending NAIT and learning all I could about photography, Robert was someone who’s work and business I admired.  Fast forward a couple decades and he is still someone I look up to in this ever changing industry.  His Equine Portraits are a favorite of mine. They have a wonderful quite beauty about them.  They seem effortless.  And did you know he photographed the Queen of England.  Seriously, how cool is that.  It was an honor to photograph Robert and Murphy for my project. 

Look at Murphy in the little bow tie, such a handsome senior pup.  Here are a couple of quick thoughts I had Robert write about Murphy.

“Murphy… he just loves attention! He loves everyone!  We love to cuddle with him as he likes to be close to people all the time! He’s my little buddy ❤️ 
Superpower? I wish he had the power to heal himself from any and all injuries or sickness. That way his bad shoulder could be healed and he could walk again without pain.  “
To see Roberts work you can visit his website.
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