Photogs & Their Dogs

Late in 2017 I was contacted by a fellow photographer for portrait session of her and her dog.  Photographing a another photographer is always something that brings about some nerves in me. I don’t really understand why they are just like anyone else.  For me I think it is a fear that that are watching and waiting for me to screw up and feel like there is this extra expectation to get everything perfect.  Not that I don’t have these same underlying feels during a regular client session, they are always there, but with a colleague they are heightened.  After the session, which turned out great by the way, I got thinking about this fear and came up with a fun way to address it and the project Photogs & Their Dogs was born.

I have been looking for a personal project for quite sometime.  Something that could be on going and stretch my creativity. Over the last few months I have photographed a number of fellow photographers thought out Alberta.  Over the next few months I have more booked.  Over time I will share each session with you and a little snippet about each person and their relationship with “mans best friend”.  

I hope you will enjoy following me on this adventure!


Note:  The subjects do not get a say in the images I choose to shoot.  Which can be a little bit of a challenge for those used to giving the direction and creating the image.  

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