Marlene & Daisy / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Dog Photographer

Meet Marlene & Daisy. Marlene is a portrait & wedding photographer from Lacombe, Alberta. Her business is Painted Light Photography.  Like many photographers in small town Alberta she photographs a variety of genres. Marlene is a fellow PPOC member,  she had an image last year in competition that I absolutely adore.  One of those DAMN…I wish that was my image kind of images.  It is of a woman with a French Bull Dog at an outdoor cafe.  It is titled Date At The Bistro.  I can’t seem to find it on her website but you can see it on the @ppoc_national Instagram  account.  You will have to scroll down but trust me it is worth the look! 

Here is what Marlene had to day about Daisy:

“Daisy is an Olde English Bulldog, and seriously the best dog ever. I flew over 4000 km to bring her to our family 8 years ago, and she has made an impression on all of our lives, and everyone else she meets. Her entire body wiggles when she runs to greet you, and she doesn’t seem to know how powerful she is when she barrels into you with love. She is stubborn, like most bulldogs, but loves her mama the most. She adores treats, but I’m not sure why because she only inhales them. Salt and vinegar chips make her drool, EXCESSIVELY, and bubbles will form at the corners of her mouth. You have to give her a chip just so she’ll stop staring at you for a second. She loves having her nails done, and often falls asleep while I’m doing them. She is a sun lover. Like total worshiper.  She loves to swim, strange for a bulldog right? When it gets too deep, you can see her backing up. Oh and speaking of backing up. . . she has a favorite spot in the kitchen, a corner with a vent, during the winter months she likes to lay there because she’s a heat fanatic, and when I need her to move out of the way, she resists at first until she feels the nudge, moves only as much as she has to, and then backs her butt right back into the corner, HER corner. She’s my kitchen buddy you could say.  Oh and she loves to be vacuumed 🙂 I only figured this out awhile ago, not sure why she would be at my feet the whole time while vacuuming, I take the vacuum to her and she freaking loves it!! She’s such a character. Truly the sweetest face if you’re a bulldog lover, and her wrinkles. I’d say she makes me feel better about my own wrinkles 😉  

If Daisy had a super power, It would be reading minds. When she’s finished basking in the sun, and has had her dinner, she’s always up for couch cuddles and resting her head on my shoulder. She’s the best.”❤
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