Location Options / St Albert Photographer

When prepping for your portrait session, whether the portrait session is for your pet, family or business portrait you need to think about what you want your sessions to look like.  Do you want to have a studio look, an urban edge or nature?  The location you chose can often help narrow down the look and feel you want for  your session.  Will your location play a big role in the portrait.  For example are you looking for a grand vista to hang over your fire place with your family interacting off in the distance?  For this type of image you need to think about the location on a grand scale.  Maybe the mountains or the river valley are the place for you.  Are you looking for something tight, simple and clean to hang over the sofa that documents your family or pet looking out happily from the frame?  Maybe the studio, an urban setting or a small green space will work for you?

Prior to your session I can help  you chose a location that will suit your needs and wants.


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