Lauren & Bandana / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Dog Photographer

These 2 are the inspiration for my project.  These images are from their winter session with me.  I had planned to photograph them again specifically for this project but sadly Bandana passed away before we could get the session scheduled.  RIP handsome boy.  It was an honor to photograph you.

Lauren is an Edmonton wedding photographer and her business is Lauren Hannah Photography. I have followed Lauren’s work for a number of years. Be sure to check out her work. Here is what Lauren had to say about her relationship with Bandana.

Photogs & Their Dogs

“Bandana was a former stray dog who came into our lives unexpectedly when I received a frantic call from my sister from Central America. She told me about a sweet homeless dog who was following her and her husband around Little Corn Island in Nicaragua. My partner and I decided to adopt him and he came home to Canada. Bandana was a timid creature who, although scared and unsure, came out of his air transport crate “roo-ing” happily to now have a place to call home. 

From the beginning he was full of challenges both health wise and behaviourally because of his fearfulness. Bandana was very afraid of dogs and shy of new people. In working with him on these challenges through training and bringing out his confidence in dog sports we fostered a strong bond that gave me purpose and joy. He was also my loyal and favorite running partner and adventurous hiking buddy.

Because I work from home that meant we were almost always together for most of the day. He was a constant companion during what can be a lonely job environment and isolated daily routine. Bandana gave us endless amounts of joy and laughter. 

Bandana had his first encounter with cancer about 2 months after we got him and had to have surgery to remove a lump from his paw. He was diagnosed with cancer again this past October and passed away at the end of March. I feel I have lost a huge part of, not only my heart but, my life. However, I take joy in the memories he has given us and the happiness that being his “mommy” brought me. 

My favorite memory would be of Bandana sleeping in his laundry hamper at night. The first time he went in there we thought it was a fluke (it was a low plastic hamper with some warm laundry in there) but it ended up being his spot sleeping every night. ”


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