Krista, Bull & Tuhka / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Pet Photographer

Meet Krista, of Photography by Krista White.  Krista is primarily a Newborn & Child Photographer.  When I first met Krista she was located here in St Albert but moved last winter to a fabulous acreage outside Stony Plain. She is easy to talk to and I could of stayed out there for hours chatting on her deck. Krista has mad skills with the babies!  She is a baby whisperer. 😉 Krista is often booked MANY months in advance, she has build up a great business and her talents are sought after.  Take moment to check out her beautiful work.  Her milk bath sessions are some of my favorites.

Below you can read what Krista has to say about her life with dogs, Enjoy!


Krista here the cat lady turned dog lover . Meow =^••^=
I grew up with cats and I was afraid of most dogs so I never wanted to get one. When our son was 5 my husband really wanted to get a dog for him, I said no way!!!  but my husband insisted and research many breeds to find out what would fit our family best, as neither of us had any experience raising a dog. Eventually we found a white Frenchton , he’s 70% French bull dog and 30% terrier. 
After many weeks we met our new puppy and took him home. Our son named him bull as he is a bull dog , ( our cats are named black cat and grey cat and yes black cat is black and grey cats grey) we lost grey cat last year at the age of 18, he was annoying and hated people but we loved him dearly.
We fell in love with Bull and we took him traveling everywhere we went and he just fit right in with our little family, and raising a dog was not so scary as I thought it would be , I really enjoyed the full experience and puppy snuggles. 
This past November we moved to the country and now not being so fearful of dogs I mentioned to my husband that it would be great for Bull to have a buddy ( I actually wanted another dog but blamed it on my other dog needed companionship) and a bigger dog as we have the space. 
So we starting looking for a chocolate lab or silver lab , and we stumbled upon this Breeder who for the first time bred her Weimaraner and American bull dog – the result 4 female gorgeous grey puppies.
So in February during a winter storm we drove to lloydminster to pick up our new puppy we named Luna. After going to the pet store to buy supplies and a name tag we soon found out the name “Luna “ was the most popular name for female dogs so we changed her name to Tuhka which means ash in Finnish.
Now for two cat people we have two dogs and a cat and a fish — soon chickens lol
We love our fur babies they really add to our family and we are so grateful to have them in our lives.
If Bull was a human he would be a food critic who would wear a ascot and a beret and live alone in a up scale apt in France,only have famous rich people as friends, a few middle class ones only to gossip about when they weren’t around. 
Tuhka if human would be a pro snow boarder pot head with tons of friends and family always around her, she would be extremely fit and competitive, and very good at shot gunning beers. Her life would be fast paced and she would be super famous but completely down to earth. 

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