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Jillian & Lily

I met Jillian back in February 2017.  We were both taking in a pricing workshop with Dana Pugh.  On a side note if you are a photographer and need some direction on pricing and running a sustainable business I highly recommend a workshop with Dana.  Back to Jillian! That workshop was my chance to meet and get to know someone I had been following on Instagram for a number of months. I will admit my initial reason for the Instagram follow was LILY! Ha.  She is such a sweetie. 😉  Jillian is a brand photographer in Edmonton.  She specializes in capturing you, your business and your brand.  She is an amazing talent.  Her positivity is infectious.  She is down to earth and so easy to talk to.   Check out her work at  Jillian Schecher Studio

She is working on a new website but you can fine links to her Facebook and Instagram.

Here is what Jillian had to say about her super cute little Lily.

“Lily is the sweetest, most trusting and loving little bean. She has taught me how to live more fully in the moment, how to love more and how to cuddle hard! She’s the most wonderful baby this fur mama could have every hoped for. Lily’s super-power is a toss up between “Heart Melter”, or sometimes when she gets super playful and it overtakes her we call her “The Night Wolf”. Ha!”


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