When is my Session Fee due?  And other payments? 

Your Sessions Fee is due at the time of booking. Session fees are non refundable but can be transferred to a new date if you need to reschedule. A 50 % order deposit is required at the time of order and the balance is due at the time of print product pick up.  In the case of digital collections your balance is due prior to the downloaded gallery being released.


What forms of payment do you take?

We take Visa, Mastercard, cash, cheque or email transfser.


Where do sessions occur?

Sessions can occur in studio, in your home or back yard, urban settings or park.  The perfect location can be determined during the pre-shoot consultation.  Business sessions and pets looking for studio sessions can usually be booked within a week or 2 of calling. These small sessions are photographed in our personal studio. Large family sessions looking for a studio session need to book early so we can book the studio space.

We do not to shoot in dog parks for our pet sessions.  They are full of distractions!  And poop, lots and lots of poop.  No one wants to step in that.


When is the best time for an outdoor session?

We can shoot almost anytime of day depending on location.  The last 2 hours before sunset is the most ideal time to shoot outdoors.  The quality of light it beautiful and warm.  Please note this time of day is the most coveted & books up first.  Plan ahead.


What should I wear to my session?

Whether you are booking a group or an individual portrait there are a couple things to consider.  Decide if your look if going to be formal or casual.  From there try to stick to solid colors over patterns. If you are booking for a group this is very important.  Busy patterns can be fine for a individual portrait.  For a group these can add extra business.  In these cases solid is best.  Try to chose a color palette that works for everyone.  I suggest choosing a couple of colors to work with.  That way the group is coordinated but not all matching exactly.  If you need help with choosing a look feel free to reach out.  We can talk you through some ideas. 


My dog is not really trained and a little nutty, can you still photograph them?

Yup!  Every session is unique and has its challenges.  I will work hard to find the best way to capture your dog. Sit and stay are great qualities but not required.  Most dogs are actually photographed on lead and the leash is retouched out. This keeps them safe!


What if I need to reschedule?

Should a situation arise and a reschedule is needed that’s not a problem.  Please try to give notice as soon as possible.  Sometimes weather can be a factor for postponing a session.  Since weather can be unpredictable at postponement can happen just hours before a session.  In fact I have been on my way to a session and we had to reschedule once we arrived due to a freak heavy rain shower.  Stuff happens!  Please remember that deposit retainers are non-refundable.  But that doesn’t mean your fee is fore-fit, it just means it is transferred to the next date. 


How long does it take before we can view the images? 

Images are ready to view with in 1 to 2 weeks after your session.  Certain times of the year are busier than others and can lead to a delay.  We try our best to get your viewing gallery ready as soon as possible.  It is always best to set up your viewing appointment for a week or 2 after your session.


What is a guided art experience and how long does it take?

A guided art experience is the time after your session where we will sit down with your images.  We will go through them to select the best images, talk about the retouching and chose the products.  We are not about pressure.  The images you chose to have printed are your choice.  You pick your favorites and your products.  We are simply  here to answer your questions and discuss the options.


When will my printed products or digital collections be ready?

Printed portraits are usually available within 2 to 6 weeks after ordering.  Depending on the product.  For example canvas portraits or albums take longer to produce do to the processes involved and shipping.   September thru December are very busy times for our vendors we work hard to get your products done on time and will post deadlines when required by our vendors.  Once your products have arrived and we have looked them over to ensure they look their very best we will contact you for pick up or we can deliver. Digital Collections are usually available 2 – 3 weeks after ordering.  In the case of a single business portrait we have a quick turn around of about 24hrs from the time of order.