Fall Portraits / St Albert Photographer

I hope everyone has been enjoying the nice days.  I know it has been difficult with all the rain we have had this summer.  Looking at the positive my tress and shrubs haven’t look this good in years.  It’s amazing how nourishing the rain is over the garden hose. Ok, I know we are only a few days into August but I have to talk about fall portraits.

The reality is fall is just around the corner. Here in Alberta those leaves turn early.  Fall sessions start mid September and go into that first week of October.  After that first week of October there is always a chance the leave have long fallen.  There are so many actors.  Maybe we will be lucky this year and avoid early snow and wind.  Fingers crossed!  To wrap it up…yes fall sessions are starting book.  Don’t wait to long to secure your session.

But remember it is just August so you still have time to get in on an outdoor session before the snow falls.  Whether you want summer or fall colors.


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