Chelsea, Vinnie, Bear & Nickita / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Pet Photographer

Meet Chelsea Weiman-Jones of Vitality Images  . Chelsea is one busy lady.  Honestly, I don’t know where she finds all her energy and drive.  Not only is she a talented photographer, she is also an Occupational Therapist, educator and grad student at the U of A.  She is involved on the regional board with the Professional Photographers of Canada, she also donates time to various causes in the Edmonton area and she is an advocate for animal rescue and therapy dogs. That is the short version!  I am sure I probably missed something.

We had our little session on a Monday evening in July and I had grand plans for that beautiful golden hour.  Well it rained.  Seriously, we got set up and then it rained.  So with both of us being photographers we just kept going because what’s a little more chaos when your dealing with dogs.  Haha.  Bear and Nickita decided they were done sitting with their brother Vinnie.  You see he loves him some bugs.  With the weather rolling in, the tall grass and the river near us; the mosquito population was getting thick.  Vinnie couldn’t help himself and kept jumping up and snapping them out of the air.  So what was supposed to be 3 different images of all 4 of them together didn’t quite happen.  But that’s ok!  You can read below what Chelsea has to say about her critters:

I never had dogs growing up. So when I moved out I immediately overcompensated.

Bear Winston Weiman-Jones  is over 10 years old. He only has vision in his left eye, but that has not stopped him from doing anything! He has been an animal assisted therapy dog with Chimo Animal Assisted Wellness and Learning Society (CAAWLS) for over 7 years. He loves kids, loves wearing his bandana or tie, and has a regular placement working with children at a women’s shelter. He is the most loyal dog you will ever meet – such a momma’s boy! He is super anxious when I am not around.

Nickita Danger Jones is also about 10 years old and also an AAT dog for CAAWLS. She only has vision in her right eye. Her left eye had to be removed due to chemical damage right before we adopted her from a rescue. She is really mischievous – you will never catch her in the act of misbehaving because she only does it when you aren’t looking! Bear and Nickita are a bonded pair. Nickita is a bit like a cat; she likes to be left alone and is independent. She loves kids though!

Vincent McPatrick O’Jones (Vinnie) was just a pup when we adopted him. The rescue said he would top out at about 60lbs. Well, he topped out at 110lbs. He is my first binocular dog! He loves toys, sticks, eating bugs, kisses, and swimming. He looks big and dumb, but  he actually knows all his toys by name! He does not volunteer because he is too big and exuberant. He enjoys unemployment 🙂

If your dogs had a super power what would it be:

Nickita’s would be invisibility. You can never catch her in the act of misbehaving… whether it’s stealing from the garden, digging, or having her head in the garbage… all that’s left is the evidence…
Vinnie’s would be flying so he could eat all the bugs.
Bear’s would be telepathy. He seems to know when you are sad or stressed. It’s a bit like he can read my mind!
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