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Allan, Zoe and Oz / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Dog Photographer

Meet fellow photographer Allan Bailey and his 2 dogs Oz (above) and Zoe (below).  Allan and I go way back to the NAIT Photographic Technology program.  Class of 1999.  Allan and his little pack are… Read More

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Photogs & Their Dogs

Late in 2017 I was contacted by a fellow photographer for portrait session of her and her dog.  Photographing a another photographer is always something that brings about some nerves in me. I don’t really… Read More

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Lauren & Bandana / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Dog Photographer

These 2 are the inspiration for my project.  These images are from their winter session with me.  I had planned to photograph them again specifically for this project but sadly Bandana passed away before we… Read More

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