Business Portraits / St Albert Business Photographer

Lets take a moment and talk about business portraits.  The professional portrait comes with many names, profile pictures, head-shots, business portrait, corporate portrait etc.  Just like the many names for it, business portraits come in a variety looks.  They can be done in studio, outdoors, in an office or a boardroom.  They can be casual or formal.  Classic and tradition or modern and edgy. 

Recently I had the opportunity to do some portraits for a large commercial real estate firm.  The firm did a bit of an update and went from the traditional white background to a city background.  Their offices are on the 12th floor of a building down town and we made use of the shiny high rises outside of their office windows.  When you shoot with the right lens you can bring those buildings up close and give them a nice soft grid appearance.  It’s the perfect look for a commercial real estate firm.  It adds some visual interest but nothing that over powers the subject. 

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