Business Head-shot Covid-19 update / St Albert Business Photographer

I think the most common question I get asked these days is “are you open for business?”  Yes, I am open for business.  Under the current Covid-19 regulations in Alberta I am able to remain open for one on one appointments.  This is actually how I have always run my business anyway.  I have never been a walk in service nor have I ever  scheduled  mass group photography events.  So really nothing is changed for in in that sense.

However, other Covid-19 regulations do dictate the type of one on one appointments I can take. Things some of you might not realize, for example, I can not currently book an extended family session or a group business portrait.  Those services will have to wait until the social distancing regulation has been lifted and people from different households are officially interacting again. Hopefully, we will get there later this summer!

In the mean time I am still open for business portraits.  Even if you have multiple staff members.  I will make sure everyone is scheduled with their very own appointments.  No cross over and plenty of time for me to clean all those touch points!

If you require a group portrait there is still an option! I can photograph each person separately and put them together into a group photo. This allows you to still have a professional group photo without having to wear masks or stand 6 feet apart. For businesses with high turn over this option would allow you to be able to switch out members of the team as they come and go with having to redo the entire photo. An efficient budget friend option.

If you would like to talk about your corporate portrait needs give me call.  We can plan something that works for your current needs, brand and budget!


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