Breaking Down The Pricing / St Albert Portrait Photographer

For anyone confused about my pricing, let me break it down.  It’s not as complicated as it looks.  I have been a photographer for a long time and over those 20 years things have evolved in the industry.  I am a big supporter of printed images.  It doesn’t matter the media, canvas, albums etc ; my goal is to create beautiful archival custom art for your desk or walls.  At the same time we live in a world where it is easy to share with our friends and family in a digital media form.  I have taken these 2 processes and meshed them.  For every printed image I give you the matching digital file.  This digital file is yours to do with as you please.  Why do I do this?

Once upon a time I had either print packages or digital packages.  I found that about 70 percent of those who purchased digital packages never printed the images. They just sit on their computer.  Maybe they posted some on social media but they never printed them  Those that did print them were often unhappy with their prints as they chose to use consumer labs and the images did not look the same as the file I provided.  I don’t like to find out that the images don’t look good and you’re disappointed.  They have my name attached to them.  This new way of having a print with the matching digital file eliminates problems down the road.  You now have a printed version of each file and can take this image with you when you get addition prints made from your files.  Or maybe you don’t have a need to print and just share them online while enjoying your prints in your home.

Here is a quick example of the possible ways to spend your order credits.  I will use the basic grad session to illustrate.

A basic grad session is $400.  This $400 can be spent anyway you want.  Maybe you have a tight budget and want to keep things in the $400 dollar range but you want many images.  You could purchase 10 4×6 prints at $40 each and get the matching digital files.  Or maybe the $400 is spent on an 11×14, a couple of 8x10s and a 5×7.  You still receive the matching digital files for each of images selected for print.  The $400 could just be your starting point.  Maybe you want an album of  of images.  Albums start at $640 for 15 images and remember you get those matching digital files.  There are many ways to spend your deposit.



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