Allan, Zoe and Oz / J Shantz Photography Edmonton Dog Photographer

Meet fellow photographer Allan Bailey and his 2 dogs Oz (above) and Zoe (below).  Allan and I go way back to the NAIT Photographic Technology program.  Class of 1999.  Allan and his little pack are the 2nd subjects in my Photogs & Their Dogs project.  Allan works in the commercial and fine art genres.  His company is Bailey Photographic.  I would post a link to his work but his website is perpetually under construction.   – Yup I just called you on that Allan.  😉  You can follow him on Instagram

Allan is wicked talented!  He has had is own art showing back in 2016.  As a fellow member of the PPOC I can say he has kick some butt in competition.  He has won many awards within the PPOC from class awards to Photographer of the Year. He also does some amazing stuff with just his I-Phone. 

You can find out what Allan had to say about Zoe and Oz below.

“Oz and Zoe were our kids before we had kids. I work from home, and they are the best co-workers a guy could have. Without them, I’m not sure who would pull Kleenex out of my bathroom garbage, or leave pieces of dog food on the carpet, because they don’t like eating on the linoleum.

If they had jobs, Oz would be the perfect greeter at a large store, and Zoe would be a professional sunbeam tester.”

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