Aleysha & Teddy / J Shantz Photography Dog Photographer

Aleysha Sury and her dog, Teddy!  Aleysha and I go way back.  We worked together back in 2003.  We were both working at Burch Photographics,  I was getting ready to move on to a new adventure and she was coming in.  She has long since become a partner at Burch Photographics. Located in Sherwood Park. they photograph babies, families and weddings.  Be sure to check out their beautiful work.

Aleysha is not only an amazing photographer, she is one of the funniest people I know.  That good sarcastic dry funny.  My favorite kind of funny.  Any time we meet up I know I am in for some great stories and I know I can bounce ideas off them when I need an opinion on business. 

Let me tell you about this adorable dog.  Teddy is happy and sweet.  He is also like putty!  You can hold him in pretty much any position and he is content. Below you can read what Aleysha had to say about him.

“Meet Teddy, the softest fluffiest ball of fur and my little shadow. He has to make sure his eyes are on me wherever we go, no matter what. Even going to the bathroom is a tag team event! Some might complain, but not me. There are no words, especially with a face as cute as his. Teddy is often excited to tag along with me at work. His idea of work is a little different than mine- but he loves to snuggle with our clients, daydream on our comfy couches and explore. Sometimes he even gets a little rowdy with the studio cats and might get beat up a little. He’s an adventure-seeking little guy, who loves to hike, bike and ride a paddle board. Though, he is often rather chill and lazy and more than happy to supervise these activities snuggled up in his backpack carrier. On any given sunny day, you can find both of us lapping up the sunshine, dreaming together of far off adventures with our family. (Job question) If Teddy had a profession, I believe he would wholeheartedly enjoy quality control testing beds and blankets. I have never seen such a young dog sleep as much as he does! Seriously! Some days, he’s like a teenager with up to 18 hours of sleep!”

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