Alberta Badlands / Edmonton Dog Photographer

Oh my beautiful Alberta!  Rich will amazing beauty.  Desert, prairie, forests and mountains.  There is something for everyone.  This Edmonton area photographer got to head south and photograph some dogs!

Boarder Collie in the hoodoos


Early this summer I had the pleasure of photographing in Southern Alberta.  What a magical place!  In the over 4 decades that I have been an Albertan I can’t believe I have never been down to the badlands.  I have really been missing out.  The hoodoos are amazing and any time I had seen them in photographs I had assumed that they rise up like the mountains.  No, they are down in a valley and it is breath taking when you come up on the edge and look out at them.  I will be making a point get down there again!!

If I lived down south I would have this as a backdrop for portrait every chance I got, business, families dogs….all of it!!  This round I photographed 4 beautiful pooches.  Barkley the Boarder Collie, Nash the Golden Retriever, Celey the Doberman and the small but mighty Otis!  I would of loved to spend more time their but it was a quick over night trip and it was scorching hot!  30 degrees.  Lets just say it was a challenge to get portraits without foot long dog tongues. Haha.

Doberman in the hoodoos


Golden Retriever in the badlands



PS I was terrified of snakes the entire time.  Hahaha.  All the humans at the shoot said they have never come across any over the years, soooooo I figured I was safe. 😉

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